Geneva Pipe is striving for excellence following the I – CARE core values of Integrity, Continuous improvement, Accountability, Respect for the individual, and Excellence in quality and service. We are motivated to be the market leader in every market we participate - to provide the most diverse product lines at the highest quality. We understand the commitment it takes to be the employer or precast supplier of choice. This takes exceptional people providing exceptional service.

Every member of our team is responsible for doing their job to the highest standards – making sure every detail is right. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things - giving their best to meet or exceed the highest standards - to provide engineered excellence in all of our services and products. Excellence doesn’t just happen – we understand that we have to make it happen.

The Geneva Pipe Company was founded by Joe Burnham in 1956. It was located on thirteen acres in the present location of the corporate offices in Orem, Utah. It was a small facility with one Eckles Tamp Machine that could only produce pipe from 4 to 36 inches in diameter and only 4 feet in length. Little did Mr. Burnham realize that his vision would grow into four facilities with the capacity of fabricating pipe up to 12 feet in diameter and box culvert with spans longer than 14 feet? In 1956 Mr. Burnham met a young trucking entrepreneur named Aldo Bussio and was sufficiently impressed with him to enter into a partnership. Upon Mr. Burnham’s retirement Mr. Bussio became the sole owner of Geneva Pipe in 1977. The industry would later prove the wisdom of Mr. Burnham’s choice when they elected Mr. Bussio as Chairman of the Board of the American Concrete Pipe Association in 1990. The industry again awarded Mr. Bussio for his contributions in 2005 with the Richard E. Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award. With a belief in quality products, and a strong customer focus, the company has changed in size through the years as it responded to the needs of the communities it serviced. Geneva Pipe has manufacturing facilities in Orem, St George, and Salt Lake City, Utah. The southern Utah and Las Vegas markets are serviced by an additional plant in Moapa, Nevada. Through out the years there have been facilities in other locations that have been moved or sold depending on economics of their market and locations.

The Geneva Pipe facility in Orem, UT

The Geneva Pipe facility in Orem, UT

The company’s philosophy of modernization started when Geneva Pipe completed refurbishment of the Orem, Utah facility in 1997. This was followed by the Moapa, Nevada plant in May, 2000 to meet the rising demand of the Las Vegas community. Shortly thereafter the St. George, Utah facility was purchased and refurbished. In late 2006 Geneva Pipe expanded again to meet the needs of the growing Utah market with a new state-of-the-art robotic facility in Salt Lake City, Utah To support the Geneva’s growth a new metal fabrication facility has also been added in Orem, Utah. This allows Geneva Pipe to fabricate a great deal of the equipment needed for all of its facilities.

The Geneva Pipe facility in Moapa, Nevada

The Geneva Pipe facility in Moapa, Nevada

From its humble beginning 50 years ago Geneva Pipe has become one of the most respected names in the industry. Customer focus is a way of life at Geneva Pipe. Our customers have the benefit of dealing with a locally owned business and people they know. We strive to be the company that you want to do business with. Success in the past is no guarantee of success today, let alone success tomorrow. The competitive marketplace has never been tougher than it is right now. No one understands this better than Geneva Pipe. Whether our customer is an engineer/specifier, agency, developer, or contractor, we know long term success depends on lasting relationships built on trust and repeat business. With our I – CARE core values we have never been in a better position to capitalize on our strengths than we are today. Our customers are considered our business partners. We enjoy and cherish that relationship.

  • I ntegrity
  • C ontinuous Improvement
  • A ccountability
  • R espect for the individual
  • E xcellence in quality and service
  • Company Values
Orem, Utah

1465 West 400 North
Orem, Utah 84057

Tel: 801.225.2416
Fax: 801.225.2467
Salt Lake City, Utah

3355 West 900 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

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Fax: 801.924.1399
Washington, UT

990 South 100 East
Washington, UT 84780
Tel: 435-673-6790
Fax: 435-673-2829
Corporate Offices
Mr. Aldo Bussio - Chairman of the Board
Phone: 801-225-2416
Mr. Kurt Johnson - President
Phone: 801-225-2416
Mr. R. Brandt Daley - CFO
Phone: 801-494-0076
Mr. Jeff Enyart - Corporate Engineer & Technical Services
Phone: 801-505-6296
Mr. Justin Fraughton - COO
Phone: 801-225-2416
Orem Facility, Orem, Utah
Mr. Jesse Sandgren - Plant Manager
Phone: 801-494-5577
Mr. Brad Wakefield - Sales
Phone: 801-225-2416
Mr. Art Jepperson - Sales
Phone: 801-376-2619
Mr. Steve Van Buren - Sales
Phone: 801-717-0198
Mr. Wade Huntsman - Dispatch
Phone: 801-494-5561
Salt Lake Facility, Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr. Mike Klug - Plant Manager
Phone: 801-924-1396
Mr. Darin Zaugg - Inside Sales
Phone: 801.924.1396
Mr. Randy Trujillo - Sales
Phone: 801-924-1396
Mr. Wade Huntsman - Dispatch
Phone: 801-494-5561
St. George Facility, Washington, Utah
Ms. Cathy Reber - Sales / Dispatch / Admin
Phone: 435-673-6790
Mr. Mike Riding - Production Manager
Phone: 435-673-6790
Mr. Kody Mangum - Sales
Phone: 435-673-6790

Geneva Pipe will be the product and market leader of precast concrete. We will exceed customer expectations, aggressively grow, and establish a rewarding environment for associates through adherence to company values, which are:

  •  I ntegrity

  • C ontinuous Improvement
  • A ccountability
  • R espect for the individual
  • E xcellence in quality and service

  • Company Values

Product Leadership
Geneva Pipe will supply the highest quality products with diversification into, and maximization of, all profitable precast lines of business. We will continuously bring new and improved products to market by understanding our customers’ needs and industry developments.

Market Leadership
Geneva Pipe will be the leader in every market in which we participate. We will offer full precast product lines and technical support in all our markets, and own each market through dedicated focus on each product line and continuous improvement.

The Customer
Geneva Pipe will be the precast concrete supplier of choice. We will respect all customers and offer excellence in customer service to every customer in every market.

Rapid organic growth will be achieved through excellence in quality and service. In addition, we will consolidate our existing precast markets and profitably expand into adjacent markets. Geneva Pipe will triple annualized sales by 2013.

Geneva Pipe will be an employer of choice by developing a culture of utmost integrity, safety, respect for the individual and personal accountability. A participative environment with effective communication will result in team alignment. Associates will be fully trained and provide the company with bench strength and effective succession. Associates will continuously improve customer service, manufacturing and administrative processes.

Geneva Pipe participates in numerous trade associations. These memberships are crucial to maintain the proper focus on production, marketing and sales of precast concrete products. The most visible of these organizations are noted below.
American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA):

ACPA is a national trade association that provides a strong voice on matters concerning concrete pipe and products. They strongly complement our industry with a production certification program, engineering support, local and national marketing and specification support. ACPA Link
Mountain States Concrete Pipe Association (MSCPA):

MSCPA is the voice of the local precast community representing a marketing presence in five western states. Assisting in local and regional design issues, they are responsible in aiding the local precast community in educating the contracting, engineering, and municipal communities. MSCPA Link
National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA):

NPCA supports member companies with an abundance of information needed for support in production certification, engineering, and the marketing and specification of various types of concrete products. NPCA Link