Original Green Product


For some time the engineering community has been trying to comprehend a myriad of claims from all manufactured products on where each of these products fall in relation to being environmentally friendly. How does the engineering community trudge through key phrases of marketing campaigns to a clear understanding of what’s needed to meet the needs of both government and client? How do we deal with Best Management Practices, cradle to grave Environmental Life-Cycle Assessments, resource efficiencies, energy efficiencies, percentages of product recyclability, and many more emerging concerns? Frankly, assessment methods are new and are evolving. The comparative methods readily available to the specifying community are minimal. The current state of meeting government regulations and client needs can sometimes be a daunting task. Sometimes a healthy dose of common sense is the answer! You already know that concrete offers extraordinary strength and durability. However, you may not be knowledgeable on the many important environmental advantages it offers from product manufacturing to its final end use. Concrete can be recycled indefinitely. It is a mix of simple ingredients, readily available and all recyclable. The fact of the matter is, that concrete is one of the most environmentally friendly construction products currently available. To better understand all of the environmental ramifications of concrete visit the attached American Concrete Pipe Association document on our website. It is written for concrete pipe but holds true for any concrete structure. – Geneva Pipe Download The PDF